Personal Legal Practice

It is quite often that a professional unbiased legal consultation might prevent a lawsuit. Either when you are a plaintiff or a defendant the first step should be to consult with your attorney. Sometimes its enough to collect all evidence and present them to the other side to make all parties understand that a settlement agreement is the best solution for all.

Personal Torts

Bodily injury – Traffic Accidents, medical malpractice claims, dental malpractice negligence claims, loss of labor capacity claims, fall and slippery claims, work injury claims – accordance Defective products Claims – personal accident – insurance and / or loss of ability to work.

Employment and labor law

Claims to establish employee-employer relationship – Claims for discrimination – Claims for abusive employment – Claims for severance pay – Claims for infringement of human and equal rights based on gender – injunctions regarding restrictions on freedom of occupation – injunctions against the use of trade secrets- injunction against unfair competition – Claims with regards to dismissal by violation of human rights –claims with regards to breach of provisions of a collective agreement – Court orders to prevent dismissal in contravention of legal provisions – employee’s rights in the case of insolvency and/or in cases of corporate liquidation or bankruptcy of an employer – Employer – option agreements of Employees. Claims against employee in cases of embezzlement and / or theft from business –representing employees against claims for theft and / or embezzlement.

Trusts and Fiduciary

Establishing Trusts and Endowments – Our firm specializes in arranging trust and / or dedications in accordance with the provisions of the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law, the FATCA Rules, and other requirements that will enable effective management of trust and / or dedications. In case of need we recommend and register a public sanctuary and take care of its proper management.

Collection of debts – seizure of assets

liquidation of companies – bankruptcy proceedings s – Suspension of departure from Israel – stay of exit from Israel – Cancellation of driver’s license – lien – levy..

Personal status

Claims for alimony and maintenance – claims for the distribution of property – claims for the distribution of pension rights – claims for the distribution of goodwill assets – claims for gaining rights of a common law spouse – common law marriage – claims regarding guardianship for body and / or property, appointment of a guardian for an older -Guardianship management. Paternity suit / action – claims for joint custody and / or for change of visitation arrangements and / or temporary guardianship – children’s education claims – claims regarding denial from leaving Israel – legal arrangement for the relocation of minors from Israel – drafting and negotiating divorce agreements – Prenuptial agreement- financial agreements during marriage – Preparation of financial agreements for common law marriage – Distribution of property in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the balancing of financial and other resources between spouses – Divorces of non Jews in israel – Divorces for couples where only one of the spouses is Jewish. Marriage agreements for heterosexual and/or same gender couples – Domestic violence claims – issuing restraining order – orders to prevent harassment – claims for accounting – Claims for division of hidden assets – Investigative accounting for hidden assets – Inherited Property claims – Claims for a “GET” in Israel and allover the world – receiver of properties and assets – Orders to seize assets abroad – stay of exit from Israel – release from stay of exit .


Our law firm provides arbitration services for parties interested in a fair, just, rapid and comparatively cheap alternative to court. Representing parties in arbitration proceedings requires special talents and experience since the Arbitrator might not be bound to the law, to the strict procedure or to the law of evidence. In special incidents as specified by Arbitration law we can file a petition to cancel or nullify an arbitration process or an arbitration ruling. Drafting an arbitration agreement is a unique skill; an attorney should be very experienced to identify the traps in such an agreement, also its important to consult with your attorney to see if your case will allow you to enjoy the benefits of arbitration.

Property Torts

Claims for damages caused by water – Torts claims for damages in a condominium – Torts claims for noise nuisances – Torts claims for odor nuisances – Torts claims for violence – Tort claims for property damage – Tort claims for trespassing – Claims Evacuation for trespassing – claims for professional negligence


This is an alternative way to solve disputes between parties. Mediations require cooperation of both parties. They need to have a sincere desire to solve the dispute and to ask for a professional help to solve what they were not able to solve by themselves. Our law firm provides Mediation services, either as licensed certified mediator or an attorney representing during a mediation process. We prepare our clients towards mediation sessions. We identify and warn our clients from typical mistakes made during mediations sessions and We offer effective models and scenarios to our clients for mediation sessions.

Intellectual Property

Trademark Registration – Protection of Trademark Registration or Opposition to Trademark Registration – Patent Lawsuits – Copyright Infringement. Patent License Agreements – Trademark License Agreements – Franchise Agreements. Trademark Registration – Trademark Law – Agreements for the use of trademarks. Unfair commercial competition – Trademark protection – Protection of business and commercial secrets – passing off

Real Estate

Apartments – flats – commercial assets –plots – sale of properties – rent of properties – condominium – landlord and tenant – construction agreements – Taxation – Reduction and examination of construction fees and development charges. Filing lawsuits for accelerated eviction – Submission of claims regarding defects in property – representation of contractors in agreements – representing contractors or private people in the field of construction defects – drafting contracts for renovation contractors and / or architects regarding the execution of construction work. claims for brokerage fees or defending unjustified claims -. Regulation of land registration procedures – assistance to lawyers who have been stuck in land registration procedure – liquidation of shared ownership – receiver nomination for sale of real estate – cancellation of receiver appointment for the sale of real estate.

Last Wills and testament

Preparation of wills – Making long lasting wills for heir after heir – Probate – Application for revocation of will – unfair influence in preparing a will – Regulation of unclear wills – inheritance court or magistrate orders – Advice and guidance in matters of estate management and / Or execution of the objectives of the diseased – cancellation of a will due to unfair influence – cancellation of a will due to insanity – canceling a will – Handwritten will – wills without witnesses – wills from abroad – verbal wills – inheritance from abroad – Estate management – Appointment of estate manager – Cancellation of the appointment of an estate manager.

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